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The Bulgarian Bag is the Next Era of Functional Training!

Personal Trainers and athletes alike are always searching for new and effective fitness tools. Ideally, trainers search for equipment that is versatile, functional, effective and durable. The Bulgarian Bag is capable of all of these things and more.

For our Bulgarian Bags we offer 3 different types of material:

  • Genuine Leather
  • Synthetic Leather
  • Canvas

We also offer 4 different Bulgarian Bag models:

  • Original Model
  • Suples Strong Model
  • Suples Fit Model
  • Suples Strong Fit Model

It is the Suples stuffing method that will guarantee you a good quality and well balanced bag. The Original Bulgarian Bag model comes in 6 sizes (X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large). From these sizes we have created the following ranges:

  • Range X-Small includes- 6lbs & 1 1 lbs bags
  • Range Small includes-1 3lbs & 1 7lbs bags
  • Range Medium includes- 22lbs, 26lbs & 30lbs bags
  • Range Large includes- 33lbs, 37lbs & 42lbs bags
  • Range X-Large includes- 44lbs, 50lbs & 58lbs bags
  • Range XX-Large includes- 66lbs, 75lbs & 84lbs bags

The bag's shape allows for both upper and lower body training while emphasizing grip strength. The three different types of handles allow athletes to execute avariety of exercises by using different grips. According to Bulgarian Bag personal fitness expert Steve Nave, "The Bulgarian Bag is a fitness tool of the next generation." Being a movement based piece of equipment, Nave states, "It incorporates all primal movement patterns that mimic natural movements. What makes the bag unique is that it's one of only a few exercise tools that cover all planes of movement under load. It's a functional training tool that creates power and neurological integration." The Bulgarian Bag will have been around for 1 0 years in August 201 5, and has already been validated by Olympic caliber athletes.

This video is filmed in Gurkovo, Bulgaria where Ivan Ivanov grew up and created the first Bulgarian Bag. All of our Bulgarian Bag models are manufactured in Bulgaria. This film also shows World Class Athletes to Fitness Enthusiast training with all the different Bulgarian Bag Models.

Shipping Policies:

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Bulgarian Bag® - Original model from 6 lbs to 84 lbs

The Suples Bulgarian Bag® Original Model is made of the highest quality leather available and filled to exact weight specifications with both wool and sand.

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Bulgarian Bag® - Suples Strong model from 11 lbs to 37 lbs

The different design with the change of the side handles will help you to practice movements which are difficult to be performed on the original model. Plus, you have variable weight with a single Bag, with the help of the additional packs.

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Bulgarian bag® - Suples Fit modelfrom 11 lbs to 84 lbs

Based on our customers needs we have build a new model Bulgarian Bag, Called Suples Fit. The idea about Suples Fit is to bring something new to our Fitness Enthusiasts who care about color, convenience on the grip, also are always excited to try some new training ideas.

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Suples Fit® Ballfrom 9 lbs to 22 lbs

The Suples Fit Ball is a unique idea that I would like to credit to the Bulgarian Bag. The last few years after we implemented the Bulgarian Bag Model -Suples Strong, I found that there were certain movements that I was inspired to implement into my workout that I couldn't quite perform on the original Bulgarian bag model or the Suples Strong Model.

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Suples® Combat Bagfrom 12 lbs to 70 lbs

The Suples Combat bag is designed to be used for different types of cross training on and off the mat. Stuffed with sand, the Suples Combat Bag is safe for the mat while doing circuit training or groups of 3 during combat and partner training (two are wrestling while the third workings the combat bag while waiting his turn to wrestle).

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Bulgarian Bag Workout with Coach Ivan Ivanov at the Olympic Training Center

The US Olympic Training Center in Marquette, Michigan was the first place in the USA where the Bulgarian Bag was introduced by the Inventor Coach Ivan Ivanov.

Bulgarian Bag world class training

This video shows Ivan Ivanov (the creator) demonstrating and explaining his ideas about the benefits of Bulgarian Bag Training. He also explains how the Bulgarian Bag is a tool that will build functional strength and will integrate multiple muscle groups with the dynamic exercises you can do with it. Here is one of his quotes, "Learn how to do the exercises the right way, and take the bag under control."

This video shows World Class Athletes training with the Bulgarian Bag at the Olympic Training Center. The Olympic Training Center was the first place in the US where the Bulgarian Bag was utilized for training. You will get to see Coach Ivan putting these amazing athletes through a Bulgarian Bag workout. Maybe you can try to keep up?!?!

Bulgaria Bag fitness training

In this video you will see how the Suples Strong Model is great for fitness. The modified side handles and strap handles allow for less grip training, and the adjustable weight make it even better for switching up your workout. This video also demonstrates a variety of great exercises you could use to create your own routine.

This video is a great demonstration of Bulgarian Bag muscle target exercises and dynamic total body exercises. You can see that you will never miss a workout if you have a Bulgarian Bag because you can do it anywhere. You can also get some great exercises to add to your routine after watching this video.

The Bulgarian Bag is the perfect tool for group fitness training. This video is of one of our very first Bulgarian Bag courses (In London in 2011). You will see the intense training and variety of exercises that come with this course. We are proud to say that our Bulgarian Bag course has been a great success in every country we have had it in.

Bulgarian Bag Youth Training

Here at Suples Wrestling Club our first priority before we begin teaching the basics wrestling skills is to build strong bodies. The Bulgarian Bags in our Wrestling Room are in use almost every day. Our kids have a love/hate relationship with the Bags.

Apple Valley High School

Apple Valley High School Wrestling Program is one of the premier wrestling programs in the country. Apple Valley has won multiple State and National Championship Titles. We at Suples are so proud to say that our Bulgarian Bags are one of the main strength and conditioning training weapons for the Apple Valley Wrestling team. Let's Go Apple Valley!


The first Bulgarian Bag Ivan Ivanov created was in the summer of 2005, in his home country of Bulgaria. The Bulgarian Bag was created, based on his successful career for many years as a world class athlete and seeing a lack of practical equipment. Ivan saw the great need for a deeper commitment to more powerful and functional training equipment and protocols that incorporated the total body movements and abilities required to be successful in wrestling.

Holding live stock animals on the shoulders is a traditional position in the Bulgarian Folk-Style wrestling festivals. The winners very often are awarded with lambs, sheep, rams or even baby calf's.


The metal weight equipment which was difficult and dangerous to use inside the wrestling room, challenged and pointed Ivan Ivanov to create the shape, and elements to create the proper material to build the Bulgarian Bag

Once Ivan designed and produced the first prototype, he methodically developed the proprietary of Suples Ltd, "wrestling specific"strength and conditioning exercises which have become the standard of the wrestling industry.

Exposed the Bulgarian Bags on the web brings the attention to many athletes, wrestling and MMA coaches. From the word of mouth the Bulgarian Bag has become an interesting functional tool not only for combat athletes but for fitness enthusiasts who are looking for new functional training tools to build strength and energy every day.

Coach Ivan Ivanov

"As a coach it was critical to train my wrestler's very sports specifically, and to repetitiously amplify the powerful effects of the exercise movements that are very similar to our sport. I wanted our proprietary equipment to dynamically train both upper and lower body muscles, while simultaneously building muscle memory for instinctual reaction and performance.

Likewise, I needed my coaching system to be both efficient and effective, while building good team spirit. My purpose was to empower one coach to be able to more effectively train an entire team with up to 30 wrestlers or more, be more productive, while executing to perfection the same exercises. All this occurring simultaneously enables the coach to make individual corrections to specific wrestlers' technique, as necessary to achieve the desired results.

Finally, it was extremely important to keep things uniquely simple, safe, durable, and with maximum portability;to be able to bring the equipment immediately into the wrestling room without any need for setup, or the possibility of down time due to missing parts that can cause many systems to become non-functional."